Our Team


Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

At Keyframe, we are not just another bunch of pretty faces. Our closely-knit team consists of long-serving staff members who are fully involved in each step of any project, and provide guidance to ensure smooth production of all deliverables. Proof that our method works is reflected in our long (and repeat) client list, the high quality of our work for projects both small and very complex, and the numerous awards we have received over the years.

Bryan Peel


Bryan is the principal owner of Keyframe and generally speaking, the team leader here. Being a full-service advertising and production firm that excels in television production, online and paid media, it’s no mean feat.

He’s an award-winning producer with nearly 20 years experience in advertising. His innovative work, created for a diverse range of clients, has been viewed by millions around the world. Throughout his career, he has directed, produced and managed hundreds of integrated campaigns, commercials, direct response and corporate productions for a variety of blue-chip clients like Kawasaki, Ontario Pork, Ontario Tourism, Golf Canada and 3M Canada.

Bryan is passionate, to say the least, about discovering and inspiring his team to embrace new marketing, media and digital innovations.

Mark Sumpter

Sales & Production Manager

Mark brings over 35 years of world-class sales and marketing experience to the Keyframe team. Born in the UK, Mark has worked in a variety of industries. His extensive knowledge of business processes helps enhance clients’ marketing efforts and deliver practical, effective solutions. From creative-driven agencies to manufacturing and production companies, Mark’s diverse range of talents give him a unique perspective on the business world and the needs of his customers. This allows him to assist Keyframe’s clients in maximizing their marketing efforts while maintaining a tight control on budgetary requirements.

Heather Field

Office Administrator/Digital Advertising Coordinator

Heather is a warm, inquisitive, approachable person that oversees all of Keyframe’s AdTube campaigns as the company’s Office Administrator. An award-winning graduate of Conestoga College’s broadcast journalism program, Heather prides herself on her organizational skills and ability to thrive in a team environment. Always seeking to learn, Heather is also highly adaptable which helps her excel at customer service and stay on schedule.

Matt Winkler

Senior Editor

Matt is a highly trained digital editor with the capacity to multi-task under pressure and almost as importantly, do it in an affable, good-natured manner. During his career, his commercials have won numerous awards and he has had several films officially selected for film festivals.

His video experience also includes corporate training, health/safety and incentive videos. He always goes above and beyond on every project, regardless of budget, ensuring complete client satisfaction. He has a strong passion for what he does and always strives to be the best. Matt also happens to possess a quality we wish everyone had. In that he’s much tougher on himself than anyone else could be on him.

Jesse Warner

Social Media Manager/Content Creator

Jesse is a quirky and creative individual who loves helping clients deliver messages through great content. An award-winning copywriting graduate of Algonquin College’s Advertising program, Jesse loves solving problems with a creative flare and prides herself on creating engaging content. Eager to try new things, she’s always looking for unique ways to better serve clients and grow their following on various platforms.

Kerri Field

Project Manager

Kerri strives to demonstrate a high level of integrity, commitment and passion in all that she does. Kerri’s experience and background in graphic design has enabled her to learn and apply new information quickly and continuously challenge herself to exceed expectations, making her a great asset to Keyframe. Kerri monitors all milestones and manages the overall production components to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Federico Pereanez

Visual FX

Federico is a skilled motion graphic animator and editor with a wealth of experience in motion graphics, visual FX and 3D animation. He’s an integrated artist with a passion for delivering innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Federico has superior leadership and supervisory skills and is fully fluent in English and Spanish and is also able to work in French. Federico provides a unique approach to creative visual manipulation and has an innate ability to alter traditional visuals and bring them to life.

Michael Woods

Sales Representative

Michael’s positive attitude and ease in which he deals with a wide variety of clients has been instrumental in helping him excel in selling commercial advertising space for more than 20 years. A great team player, Michael couples his ambition with a solid work ethic to produce excellent results.

A former President’s Club member for four straight years while working for Rogers Media, Michael also has worked in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and, in 1995, he posted the highest sales in that country while working for the Canadian-operated directory firm, Yellow Pages.