Videos come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re crafting a five minute interview-style video, or a 30 second commercial for television or online video advertising, every production company must have a production process to ensure that everything moves smoothly. Often there are too many moving parts to leave your process to chance.

At Keyframe Communications, our team has a wealth of experience, as well as a proven track record of exceptional video production and post production on a wide variety of video projects. We take great pride in the thoroughness of our production process, and our ability to keep clients informed and updated every step of the way.

Our workflow schedule is designed specifically for maximum flexibility and adaptability based on the project’s demands. We work closely with the client to ensure all deadlines, protocols and parameters are consistently met. The production process and time can vary from project to project.

  1. Kick-off Meeting
    Once a project has been identified, the key members of both teams connect to have a project kick off meeting. During this time, the existing plan, brief, deadline and approval protocols are established. This facilitates a strong communication process. This is an ideal time to ask questions and answer client questions.
  2. Concept Development
    From the approved creative brief, concepts such as storyboards or scripts are developed.
  3. Pre-production Planning & Scheduling
    A production plan including work back schedule is established and reviewed by all parties. If filming is required, a call sheet is created. Before filming, we will discuss and identify potential risks and ensure a clear understanding of what to expect on filming days. We also recommend choosing a backup shoot date if filming outdoors.
  4. Production/Filming
    Filming or animation takes place as per the pre-production and production schedule.
  5. Post Production (Animation & Editing)
    If filmed, the best takes are then selected for editing, following the approved storyboard and script, the editor/designer/animator will start to build the framework. A rough cut is created and sent for review and feedback. Then begins the refinements.Typically, 2-3 rounds of revisions are needed, but it may require a few more rounds to hit the mark.
  6. Refinements/Online Editing
    Once the initial cut is approved, our team then takes the project into the final process that includes colour grading and final audio mixing.
  7. Deliverables & Archival
    Keyframe can accommodate virtually any format request. Master files are typically provided in multiple formats and shared digitally via link.Keyframe also archives the project and master files to an LTO archival system. With this system, Keyframe is able to minimize any potential losses and this also keeps the. data in its original and finished state. This means that 10 years down the line, we will still have your master files secured and available to you if need be.

While every production company and video project are different, these steps are the key elements that will help your video project go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are working with your internal video team or a video production company, make sure that you have an established video production process that helps account for all the different variables of your project.