The Challenge

In order to continue providing clean, safe water to its residents, maintain its sewer system and protect the environment, the City of London asked Keyframe to develop a video production of eight videos over the course of two years to educate both residents and businesses on the proper ways to dispose of wastewater. The biggest challenge in the campaign was to engage the public in both entertaining and informative ways about a wide range of subject matter that could, potentially, be perceived as dry and technical.

The Result

Keyframe created two sets of videos that used elements of humor to counterbalance the technical information being presented. The first set was directed to residential users and covered areas such as storm sewers and toilets. Despite being subject areas that many would normally dismiss as boring or disgusting, the videos proved to be both engaging and effective, using a mix of live talent, animated graphics and real-life footage. In the second campaign, rather than being directed at homeowners, Keyframe was asked to create instructional videos for businesses where employees regularly dispose of harmful wastes, including motor oil and restaurant grease. Again, humor came into play by using a presenter and a slightly eccentric character who liked to throw things out – but didn’t always do it responsibly.

The campaign took two separate projects directed towards two specific groups and delivered one central message cohesively and effectively about how we can all help to protect our environment.