About The Project

The Ontario pork marketing group was looking to pilot an Ontario Pork “brand” concept and marketing strategy at the retail level.

The goal was to create a specific demand for Ontario-produced pork through a media campaign and in-store promotion.

Our campaign goals were to:

  • increase consumption of Ontario pork;
  • strengthen consumer confidence;
  • improve the financial viability of Ontario pork producers, the pork processing sector, and the rural communities in which they operate and ultimately:
  • boost the provincial economy as a whole.

Keyframe was responsible for executing all creative and meeting all of the client’s requirements, including the development of a campaign logo, creation and production of a television commercials, creation of point-of-sale assets (such as posters, meat case dividers and shelf danglers), execution of a YouTube video campaign and a website design.

The Process

The creative process began with an initial client briefing where we met with key stakeholders and the client’s marketing team.

Keyframe gathered information and asked strategic questions in order to build an effective implementation plan. Part of this process included a discussion about the client’s aesthetic, communication and technical requirements.

Based on our findings from the briefing, our team created initial designs, several possible taglines and a clear description of how every component would translate across all forms of media. At this point, we explored opportunities to leverage the Foodland Ontario brand, which strongly represents several key ideas: buying local, supporting communities, helping the environment, great taste and nutrition. Anchoring Ontario Pork to these attributes would help to highlight the “local” point of differentiation. Once the concept had been approved by the client, we translated the basic design to designs for different brand touch points. The key was keeping the brand visuals and messaging consistent through all forms of media so that the “local” point of differentiation was delivered to our target audience during all elements of the campaign.

Throughout the term of the project, Keyframe provided the client with regular progress reports, including a summary of the deliverables achieved, deliverables outstanding and any issues or concerns affecting specific deliverables and the project schedule.

Keyframe met all of the client’s creative components and reporting requirements. We delivered this intricate campaign on-time, while adhering to our original work-back schedule. This campaign was a success on many levels, but foremost it played well to Keyframe’s strengths as a multifaceted agency able to deliver successful, creative campaigns through a variety of mediums.

Campaign Timeline

The contract was awarded October 10, 2013.

Our key personnel immediately developed a work-back schedule that met the client’s expectations and was achievable for production. All point-of-sale design assets were delivered on schedule before year-end and the television commercials were delivered on schedule by mid-January.