The Challenge

It’s a message that’s been repeated over and over. Everyone knows about the importance and benefits of recycling, but how do you enhance that message to reach the next generation, while driving it home to those who’ve lived with recycling for most of their lives? The secret lies in humour, good storytelling and the engaging use of mixed media.

The Result

In order to reach both school age children and their parents, Keyframe chose a very young, likeable host who would appeal to all ages and deliver a fresh perspective on recycling that covered all the key messages requested by the client.

Unique animated graphics enhanced the video in entertaining ways by comparing what is currently being recycled with the amount we could actually be recycling through a small commitment by everyone. Live action video of recycling rounded out the message by showcasing real-life scenarios to help viewers relate the message to their own lives.

The end result? A perfect combination of humour, information and education that riveted viewers’ attention and helped expand awareness of recycling for the Region of York.